Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick Or Treat

Sydonyia and some friends did some clowning around at the nursing home Monday night. The first snowfall of the season was Tuesday. The "boys" were out in costume Wednesday night --- Noah said "Hey we're all heroes! Daddy is the sheriff who rescues people from the bad guys, I'm the firefighter who rescues people from fires, and Jonathan is the knight who rescues people from... uh... from... dragons! Yeah, dragons."


Ann said...

I have to say that the "Sherriff" looks suspiciously like a bank robber.......not to be overly pedantic or anything.:-)

Philip said...

I was going to point that out, but thought it would be counter-productive.

Ruth Christison said...

Sydonyia! YOU look awesome! Maddie says you are the cutest little clown in all the world! tee hee Jonathan can rescue us from dragons anytime and if we ever have a fire, I am sure Noah would put it out in a flash! As for that Sheriff, he looks a little bit on the wrong side of the law...ha!