Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hello, Is Anybody There?

If you've been looking for new posts recently, you may have been asking that question. What have I been doing instead of posting?

  • Traveling to Concord, New Hampshire for the New England Leadership Conference at Trinity Baptist Church, along with my lovely wife. It was a profitable, encouraging, refreshing time. We saw some "old" friends from Greenville and Detroit days at the conference, stayed with Jon & Jen Bell on the way down, and visited Ken Endean's church in Scarborough ME on the way home. After the service, we were pleasantly surprised to meet up with Renee (Thibodeau) Wright and her family who took us out to dinner.
  • Rooting for the Leafs to make the playoffs. They didn't.
  • Setting up a Facebook page.
  • Starting up Joy Club (officially) on Friday nights.
  • Finishing a series on "Seeking God" on Sunday mornings and preaching through the book of Ruth on Sunday nights.
  • Helping my Homiletics students at EBBI become, hopefully, better students of the Bible and better public speakers. Last class is April 15.
  • Taking some pictures which will soon be up for your viewing pleasure.


Jenn Basham said...

Hi! I just found your blog through Ann's.. So neat to find you out here in Cyber-land. I just wanted to let you know we have been praying for you. Mom and Dad have told us you are doing well there in Minto and I know Papa Loves you!
I'm looking forward to reading up on what is going on with you all. Say Hello to Sydonia and the kids for us!
Dan,Jennifer, Karyss and Riley Basham

Heavenbound Kim said...

I have to say, I was wondering ~ at least a couple times a week, I'd peek to see if you or the Mrs had blogged anything (yet)... But you have been busy, haven't you? We saw and heard from the Burrills in last evenings service and they told us of your plans with JC... ;) Kim;D

Ruth Christison said...

WHEW! I was in a fetal position under my desk with worry about ya'll! TEE HEE