Friday, July 25, 2008

PEI, Day 5

Usually, a trip to PEI means some visiting with family. This trip was no exception. For lunch today, we had a party of 16 assorted aunts, uncles, and cousins at a buffet in Summerside. Included were three relatives up from the Boston area for their annual visit, Ernest and Anne, Alvin & Margaret and the kids, my dad, and Charles & Nina. I had not seen Nina and Charles in quite a long time, and it was good to visit with them, hear Charles' salvation testimony (he came to Christ many years ago while living in Windsor, ON) and listen to him pray as he gave thanks for the food.
After lunch, as prearranged, Alvin, Kevin, Dad, and I went to the Mill River Golf Course for a round of golf together. Alvin & I had played there as kids, but the course has been completely updated and improved since then. Unfortunately, thunderstorms rolled in while we were on the ninth hole, and we were unable to finish the round -- so I have a rain check for 18 holes at Mill River next time I'm on the Island. The four of us stopped for supper near Mom's hometown, and got back, in the rain, quite late.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch... Sydonyia and Margaret did some shopping. There were good deals to be had at Northern Reflections and elsewhere in Summerside, and older cousins to help watch the kids. Oh, and laundry to be done :)

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