Thursday, March 25, 2010

God is good all the time

I have been on crutches since the last week of October. I went to see my prosthetic maker several times and he thought that I had a bone spur. An x-ray ordered by my family doctor confirmed that I have a bone spur. I have seen two orthopedic specialists and they have both recommended that the bone spur not be removed. They have suggested that I have a new prosthesis made. I will have a fitting for a new prosthesis on April 19 and will wear the finished product home on May 3. I am looking forward to walking again. I have much to be thankful for since doctors told my parents when I was young that I would never walk.


Ruth Christison said...

Friend, I am thankful you can walk too. Otherwise i would have never experienced the "blowing a shoe" memory! :O) God is always good...always.

David Hosaflook, the Balkans said...

My reply to your email failed so I'll use this comment to say thanks for your email! Blessings to your whole family and yes, GOD IS GOOD!

Hosaflook Family, Albania