Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm walking!

We have a friend who lives in Saint John (approx 2 hour drive away) that is a prosthetic maker. He(Peter) and his family came up for our Good Friday service. He looked at my prosthesis and "tweeked" a couple of things. He simply put some padding in the bottom of my prosthesis and told me to wear a thinner prosthetic sock. I have been walking without pain since!!! So, it seems that I do not need a new prosthesis after all. I had seen my prosthetic maker in Fredericton numerous times but perhaps a new set of eyes on things helped solve the problem. Peter and his wife, Betty-Lou (who grew up in Fredericton) were members of Faith Baptist in Greenville, SC. Peter was a deacon at Faith when we were working with the youth at Faith back in the early '90's. I am so thankful for Peter's willingness to take the time to look at my prosthesis.


Jen said...

Praise the Lord. I've been praying.

Adam Blumer said...

Wonderful. Glad to hear it.

Ruth Christison said...

Praise the Lord, friend!