Wednesday, June 23, 2010


We finished our second year of homeschooling the second week of June. We are enjoying Summer break thus far.

We ended the Joy Club program at church on June 11. We served icecream sundaes to the children that evening. We pray that we see many of the same children in the fall when we begin Joy Club again.

Noah and Jonathan had the opportunity to spend some time with Philip’s parents at the campground in Chipman in June. Philip and I drove to the campground on Saturday, June 12, (approx. 15 min. from our home) to celebrate Philip’s Mom’s birthday. She is pictured above with the flag pole that we gave her.

The boys participated in a piano recital on June 12. Jonathan played a solo called “Drifting Clouds”. Noah and Jonathan played a duet called “Snake Charmer”. Noah got his cast removed on June 10. So, he was not able to prepare for a solo piece. Pictured above is their music teacher, Heather Brannon, giving a very excited Jonathan a certificate and trophy for completing Music for Young Children. Jonathan will begin private piano lessons in the fall with Heather. Noah just completed his first year of private piano lessons.

Philip and I celebrated 18 years of marriage on June 20. Several times leading up to the 20th we said, “We are going to celebrate 18 years of wedded bliss". As we were praying on the 20th Jonathan said, “Thank you God for Mommy and Daddy’s 18 days of wedded bliss”. Cute! I am very thankful for the husband that the Lord has blessed me with and the many days of wedded bliss.

I participated in a "Reading Challenge" at our local library and won a gift certificate for Westminster Books in Fredericton. I am looking forward to browsing and buying a new book. I stumbled across author Elizabeth Musser a couple of months ago and I've really enjoyed her writing.

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Ruth Christison said...

I am so bad about remembering birthdays and anniversaries. I can't believe it has been 18 years for ya'll! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Adam Blumer said...

Happy anniversary! I remember being there eighteen years ago and participating in the special ceremony. An anniversary like this couldn't have happened to a sweeter couple. God is so good to all of us. Thanks for sharing the news!