Saturday, November 20, 2010

Loss & Thanksgiving

For a while now, we have been praying for Jan Merz, the mother of Sydonyia's very good friend Marilyn Fuller.  From the time the girls were eight years old, their families were close.  Jan was a counselor for youth camp at the Bill Rice Ranch when Syd & Marilyn went, an overseer of whatever shenanigans teenage girls were into the 80's, and a close friend of the family.  Earlier this year, Jan was diagnosed with brain tumors which took its toll on her rapidly.  For some time, Marilyn has been helping to care for her, while her husband James remained stationed with the US military in Europe until he could finally make arrangements to be reassigned stateside. 

Early Wednesday morning, Jan passed away.  Sydonyia has flown to Missouri to attend the funeral and be with Marilyn.  Marilyn and James have been faithful supporters of our ministry for a long time, and though we have not seen them face to face for a long time we are glad to count them among our friends.  Jan will be missed, and her family is in our prayers this week.

Sydonyia will be staying for the week and celebrating Thanksgiving with her family in Missouri.  So the boys and I are on our own this week (and missing Mommy).  60 degrees today in MO, bu it's snowing here today, the first snowfall of the season.  Beautiful!

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