Wednesday, February 15, 2012


For those who know my family, here is an update on this week's events.  Mom took a fall on Sunday morning, in the parking lot at church after a winter storm, and is in the hospital with a fractured pelvis.  She has been in a lot of pain, but the orthopaedic doctor says she should be back on her feet in 6-8 weeks, no surgery required.  She will have to use a walker for a while when she comes home (hopefully this weekend) and stairs are a no-no.  My Dad is crippled up with a bad knee and some other ailments and is scheduled for surgery in a few weeks himself -- he's been using a wheelchair at the hospital as he visits Mom.  So, I've been helping out the last few days making sure he's looked after and finding out what we will need to do in order to get care for Mom when she comes home.  My sister will be flying in tonight to help out for a week (it will help to have an RN in the house!).

I'm thankful for those who have visited and dropped meals off, and have helped in other ways.  Lots of adjustments coming in the next few weeks and months; thanks for all the thoughts and prayers for Mom & Dad.

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