Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy 90th Birthday Uncle Roy

Today's schedule included a trip to Saint John to celebrate two birthdays, with Uncle Roy's 90th being the milestone celebration.  Aunt Anne is also celebrating her birthday today.  Friends and family met at the Mediterranean Restaurant, one of Roy's favourite places to to eat.

 Mom with her 90 year old brother

Uncle Ernest and Anne made the trip over from PEI.  Mom & Dad were up from Moncton; Janice & I were there, along with David, Dona (Carmel's sister), and members of Alice's family (three daughters-in-law and two of her sons).

Yes, there was cake!

The birthday girl


Uncle Roy dressed sharp for the occasion and although he got tired before the end of the afternoon, he always had a smile when pictures were being taken.

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Ann said...

Oh, how nice to see your mother out and about!!