Saturday, December 22, 2012

2012 - Our Year in Review

This account of 2012 might be subtitled “Life in the Sandwich Generation” - it seems much of our schedule has revolved around our aging (but still very active) parents and our growing (and busy) children.  Philip’s mom fell in February and fractured her pelvis, putting her out of commission for about six weeks, and in March his dad had neck surgery to deal with a very painful bone fragment pressing on his spinal column.  He was back in the hospital in October for a knee replacement.  Mom and Dad Crossman are both back on their feet now.  In the meantime, they moved in July, downsizing to a smaller home in a condo development – no stairs, no lawn to mow, no snow to shovel, hurray!  With trips to the hospital, helping out around the house, packing and moving, there were lots of opportunities to spend time with the parents this year.  In March, all four of us flew to Missouri to visit Sydonyia’s family.  Her dad continues to deal with the aftereffects of the stroke he suffered in 2011.  While we were there we spent time with Mom and Dad Baker as well as Sydonyia’s sister and brother and their families, and took time as well to visit the Gateway Arch, Sachs Butterfly House, and the Old Spaghetti Factory.
    Philip’s sister Lois was back in NB for visits to help out while Mom and Dad were in the hospital, and again for a visit in September.  In April, Philip went to his Uncle Roy’s 90th birthday party, and as Roy’s health began to fail, we visited him in Saint John until he passed away in July – Philip officiated at the funeral as we said goodbye for now to a dear man.  Apart from our big trip to St Louis in March, we all went to Family Camp at Windcrest in July, and vacationed in August at a friend’s cottage on the Saint John River (thanks Ann!).  While there, we did a lot of reading on the deck, biking, geocaching, and day trips to the Huntsman Aquarium and Calais, ME (shopping!!).  Philip’s parents were well enough in August to be able to take the boys camping for a few days.
    Our boys are growing into young men.  Noah is 12, and in grade 7.  He has graduated from our JOY Club children’s program at church, but has been involved as a helper this year.   He enjoyed playing a part in a drama production at school this spring and sang in the middle school choir.   Noah has his own geocaching account now and enjoys going out in the woods.  Jonathan is 11, and in his first year of middle school.  He is already taller than his mother and almost as tall as his dad.  Jonathan got braces in January and has adjusted to his new smile.  He is still in JOY Club at church, enjoys writing stories, playing Minecraft, and has joined the middle school choir this fall.  The boys share many interests.  Both love to read and often are found curled up with a good book.  Both continue with piano lessons, playing for a spring recital as well as offertories at church, and returned to the Fredericton indoor pool for swimming lessons this fall.  They had a great time at Windcrest Bible Camp this summer, and both played for the JV soccer team at their school this fall (Dad got in on the action too, as coach for the team!).  They both are huge fans of LEGO, and a highlight of the year was the LEGO Fair in February at Crystal Palace in Moncton.  Both are doing well in school and made the honour roll this fall.
    Sydonyia has been blessed with good health this year, with no mobility issues to speak of.  She has worked as a substitute teacher and teacher’s assistant at both the middle school and the high school here in Minto, getting days here and there in the spring and fairly steady work from September through November.  In addition to overseeing children’s ministry and playing piano at Bethel, she also had the opportunity to speak at a ladies’ conference in Saint John this spring.  Philip has stayed busy with work at the church, as well as teaching a Bible institute course in Moncton for twelve weeks this fall.  He continues to volunteer with the local library board, and this fall coached the boys’ soccer team (they didn’t win a lot but they had fun!).  In November, he travelled to Windsor, ON to preach at an anniversary service for our former church, Emmanuel Baptist – it was great to see the church doing well, and visit with old friends.  When he can get time away from work, he enjoys a good book, geocaching (350 and counting), and learning new ways to be productive (and entertained) on his Android tablet.
    It’s hard to believe we have been in Minto for 11 years.  It was a good year at the church, with increased attendance and some new members.  The addition of younger members means that our nursery has seen an expansion (literally, we knocked a wall out) this summer.  The church celebrated its 60th anniversary in September, with several former pastors attending and about 135 people present for a special Sunday service.  Thank you to all who pray for us and the work here.
    Of course, not all our time was spent focussed on parents and children.  We are thankful for visits with extended family, as well as good friends old and new.  Our friends mean a lot to us and we are blessed to have so many.  Merry Christmas to you all, and may you be blessed in the new year.


Jen said...

So good to hear how you all are doing!

Ruth Christison said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family. Time sure flies!