Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bethel Baptist Church Website Launch

Bethel Baptist Church
Our new, redesigned website is up and running online at Whether you are a church member, a friend of the church, or a member of the community, I hope you will take time to look at the site for several reasons.  Take advantage of the online resources including online sermons from the Bethel pulpit, as well as links to informative and helpful Christian resources.  If you live in or around Minto and are not a member of the church, I hope you will browse the site to find out more about who we are and the message of hope on which we base our ministry -- the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Visit us online, and I hope you will visit our services in the future!
As you browse the site, I would appreciate any feedback, especially if you have problems navigating the site or listening to sermons.  Thanks, and God bless!
Pastor Philip Crossman
Bethel Baptist Church
MInto, NB

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