Wednesday, July 30, 2008

PEI, Day 10

This is the guest house at Robinson's Farm. There were two bedrooms upstairs, 3 bathrooms, a beautiful kitchen, and plenty of space for us. The Robinsons are still finishing up some renovations, but it was a comfy place for us to spend the last 3 days of our trip. What a blessing!

The guest house is located on the Robinsons 250 acre certified organic farm, and comes with an invitation to bring the kids (Robinsons have 13) over to the farm to see the animals up close and help out with the chores if they want. We'll do that tomorrow.

Today we're tourists, off to Cavendish, home to Lucy Maude Montgomery and site of all things Anne of Green Gables. We took the scenic route along the north shore dunes past Dalvay, a road I don't recall travelling in all my trips to the Island. It was beautiful! Lunchtime brought us to scenic North Rustico and the Fisherman's Wharf restaurant. I got the 1 lb lobster dinner with a bucket of mussels and chowder. Sydonyia had the 1 lb lobster all by itself, and the boys stayed with hamburgers and hot dogs. Nothing like a good feed of lobster!

Arriving in Cavendish we went to The Boardwalk and headed for Cows Ice Cream. Cows was named "Best Ice Cream in Canada" by Readers Digest, and we figure that's about right. Of course, Cows is famous not only for the ice cream, but also for their T-shirts, each one sporting a cow-related visual pun. Those of you who enjoy such things can check out the website. My favourite was "Sydney Cowsby". We enjoyed the ice cream (I got two scoops of "Moo York Cheesecake") and had fun browsing the store. Outside is where the "seconds cart" is located, with discontinued and seconds clothing. We picked up two shirts for the boys: "Transformooers" for Noah and "Spider-Cow" for Jonathan.

We visited some of the other stores on the boardwalk, and got in a game of miniature golf before leaving Cavendish. Back at the farm, I took an evening bike ride and we had a quiet night of reading before bedtime.

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