Tuesday, July 29, 2008

PEI, Day 9

The end of our stay at Clearview Cottages -- but we had decided to stay on the Island a few more days. On Sunday, when we went to church in Souris, we met a family who had a guest house down east. They had originally opened it up as a ministry to pastors, missionaries, and other Christian workers, and offered it to us at no cost. We took them up on it, starting tonight. We checked out of our cottage -- thanks, Louise & Lowell! -- and went into Summerside. The van had to go to a mechanic to fix the windshield wipers, meanwhile we had lunch with Alvin & Margaret, Janice, and Randy & Jackie at Ernest & Anne's house. After lunch, Randy, Kevin, Alvin, and I went to Red Sands for another 9 holes, where I shot a 48.

Sydonyia visited with the girls while we were gone, and took care of picking the van up. When we got back from golf, it was time to head out to Lot 16. When I was a kid, I thought "Lot 16" referred to the shore lot where Uncle Ernest kept his trailer for the summer. In fact, it is a place name hearkening back to the early settlers who received numbered grants called "lots" -- but it's also where Ernest & Anne have their shore lot, where my family has spent lots of time during summer vacations. The "Big Rock" on the beach is a popular spot for pictures.

My parents already had their trailer set up. With the arrival of the rest of the cousins, we ended up with 15 for supper. Good thing the deck is set up!

After supper, we set out for Mt. Stewart, where the guest house is located. I had good directions, which was well, because it was dark before we got there and we were well out in the country on some back roads. We got settled in and went off to sleep, not knowing exactly what the surrounding farm looked like.

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